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Our Business

BAIZ Bio-tech is an innovative company that has been committing to R&D of chemical synthesis techniques and developing active nutritional ingredients from plant extracts. Products covering from cosmetics to healthcare industries and services supply chain from R&D, production to sales. To cater to market increasing rigid requirements on new applications and evironment protection, Baiz never stop its efforts on innovation of advanced techniques.


Baiz is professional in plant extracts, and is a leading manufacturer for marigold extract series products with more than 10 years experience. All series products are available with the premium quality. The products and service have been highly approved by worldwide cutomers.


BAIZ now has its core product line especially the skin-whitening series products for cosmetic use. They are β-arbutin, α-arbutin, deoxy-arbutin, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate (KAD) and Vc ethyl ether. Baiz R&D team will continuously develop more healthy and safe skin whitening material for customers.


Now, Baiz focus on two directions:

1)Plant extract series with its core production line lutein & Zeaxanthin series

2)Skin whitening ingredients series with its core product line arbutin series

3)New Products Development: Astaxanthin from algae (CWS) / Spirulina Extract ( Phycocyanin)


BAIZ keeps stable and close cooperation with university research center and chemical technical teams to make sure energy and vigorousness on innovation, to main a sustainable core competence in the market. 

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