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Our History

In 2008Mr. Zhang JY started it’s business of marigold extract as a technical & sales manager, he then was totally attracted by this industry. When Mr. Zhang JY established his first plant for marigold extraction line in 2013 after 5 years , it’s lutein & zeaxanthin series products quickly attained a big market share of China. Being one of customers’ best choices for this product line, not only its stable and reliable product quality but it’s caring service support for each unique customer. He makes each business easeful.


Now Baiz has full product lines for marigld extracts, from powder, oil suspension to beadlet and with purity up to 99% ( total carotenoids). The marigold production line now has upgraded to conform with GMP standards ensuring of each step from raw material to end product to meet the most strict quality standards.


In 2016, Baiz Bio-tech was founded by Mr. Zhang and he started it’s totally new business in skin whitening material backed by a powerful R&D team leading by Dr. Zhang who is a top expert specializing in chemical synthesis techniques. In only one year, the first new product Beta-arbutin was brought to the cosmetics market. The product was produced by using the mosted advanced and innovative processing technology which not only eliminated environment pollution but improved efficient uses of resources. It’s superior quality again quickly caught the market.

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